WP10GX35V Transfer Pump

WP10GX35V Diesel Transfer Pump

WP10GX35V Transfer Pump

The Honda Shop in Midland is proud to introduce the WP10GX35V Transfer Pump. While the name is not very catchy you will be amazed at what this compact pump can do!

Transfer at 108Lpm, 26PSI and only weighs 9.5kgs.

The WP10GX35V Transfer Pump can even pump diesel! That makes it one super handy pump for farming properties looking for a reliable refuelling or fuel transfer pump.

And, at just $599 and backed by Honda’s Factory Warranty you can’t go wrong! Learn more here: WP10GX35V

WP10-GX35V-Transfer-Pump-02  WP10-GX35V Transfer Pump

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