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We Want Your Bike!

Dirt bike, cruiser, adventure bike, sports bike, naked bike, quad bike, ANY bike, even a scooter! We Want Your Bike!

The Honda Shop in Midland offers a hugely successful consignment program, so successful in fact that we are getting very low on stock.

If you have been trying, or just thinking about selling your bike but hate dealing with Gumnuts, scammers, time wasters and low ballers then we can help.

We have been doing this for a very, very long time and have achieved fantastic results for thousands of happy clients. Below is a list of commonly asked questions and also some testimonials from past sales:

Consignment FAQ:

What is Consignment? How does it work?

Put simply, we sell your bike on your behalf. You set your reserve price and we handle everything else, from detailing, advertising, completing the sale and after sales support. You never have to deal with the purchaser or tire kickers, just simply sit back and wait for the money to come in to your nominated bank account!

Why should I sell through you instead of privately?

As mentioned above, the key advantage is you never have to deal with any potential purchasers. Your bike will be available for buyer to view in person Monday to Saturday and also 24/7 online. We can also offer buyers finance, warranties, accept trade-ins against your bike and even ship your bike nation-wide. This makes your bike even more attractive to buyers all over Australia and saves you the hassle of time wasters and Gumnuts.

How much does it cost?

Free. Nothing. Zero. Ziltch. Nada. How you ask? Well, for example, if you wanted to sell your bike for $10,000 then we would advertise it for $10,990. When your bike sells, you get your $10,000 and we keep the $990. We focus on high turnover rather than big margins which means a faster sale and more money for you. We will never give you less than your reserve price so you always know where you stand and how much you will get for your bike.

Is my bike covered by insurance?

Yes, your bike is fully insured while here with us. We also employ strict security measures and no one is ever simply let loose to test ride your bike. We only offer test rides to genuine buyers and we also escort every test ride on a second bike and riders must follow us along a set test route. We can also display your bike inside our showrooms for protection from the elements if you prefer.

How long will it take to sell my bike?

While we cannot give you a concrete time frame we can give you a few tips to help get your bike sold as fast as possible. The cleaner your bike is the faster we can shoot and advertise, we can detail your bike free of charge but this can add a couple of extra days. Set a realistic price target, we can help you work out where the market is at and determine a price that you will be happy with that will also attract buyers.

How much can I get for my bike?

At The Honda Shop, our ability to present your bike at its best through professional photographs combined with our in-house finance and trade-in options all add up to make your bike more attractive and help you to achieve the highest sale price possible.

I don’t have time to get my bike to you, can you collect it?

Yes! We would be more than happy to collect your bike on our purpose built motorcycle trailer at no cost to you within the greater Perth area. For collection from further afield, please contact us and we can work something out for you also.

What do I need to do?

All we need from you, aside from your bike, is a copy of your drivers licence, recent rego papers/proof of ownership, bank account details and that is it! There will be about 5-10 mins of paperwork to complete and then we will handle the rest.

Why should I sell through The Honda Shop instead of privately?

With an Australia-wide audience, a contact-less sale, no cost to you and piece-of-mind protection, why would you sell any other way? Still not convinced? Check out a few of our recent testimonials below, gathered from our satisfaction survey for consignment clients. Still have questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact us here

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“The sales rep I dealt with was highly professional and the photos taken where of excellent quality, the bike sold within a relatively short period of time and the money was in my bank acc in very smooth timely manner, to be completely honest I would liked to have gotten more money for it but I chose to lower the price myself knowing the rego was coming up for renewal and wasn’t pressured by anyone and think the commission charged was fair and all of this was during the COVID19 pandemic so all things considered I’m not sure how you could improve your consignment service… Great job!”

“Fantastic team effort. My Goldwing was due for a new owner and was sold almost immediately. Thanks a million and in every way I recommend The Honda Shop whether your buying or selling.”

“3 months on Gumtree and no luck. A week and a half with The Honda Shop and it’s sold! I appreciate all the help”

“I recently sold my bike on consignment through The Honda Shop. I was very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. They worked with me to get a good result on the final sale and communicated very well throughout the process. When I am looking to buy another bike, I will definitely consider The Honda Shop.”

“The service was first class. I felt like I was the Honda Shops only client. Also prompt payment. Fantastic service”

“Tim and Jason did an amazing job as I was moving overseas and was out of the country at the time. Very happy with the service and hassle free. Thank you guys.”

“I have done this twice now and both times your business was brilliant!”

So in summary, if you:

– have no time for weekend or late viewings,
– concerned about a stranger taking your bike for a test ride,
– don’t want strangers coming to your property,
– disappointed with trade-in offers,
– moving overseas/interstate,
– work FIFO,
– want to achieve the best possible sale price
– or simply don’t want to deal with Gumnuts

Then let us take care of all the hard work for you.
  • your vehicle is protected by our security and full, comprehensive insurance cover
  • we verify and escort every test ride to ensure genuine parties only and no joy riders
  • we detail your bike and take a full set of professional photos (see examples below)
  • your bike will have huge exposure through our website, bikesales.com.au listings and in our showroom
  • we can ship your bike anywhere in Australia, massively broadening the potential audience for your bike
  • we can offer finance and accept trade-ins against your bike making selling easier.
  • we can come to you! If you live within 20kms of the store we will collect your bike for free!
  • the vehicle remains in your name until sold so you may take the bike back at any stage with zero fees
  • When the bike sells, you get your full asking price, no hidden fees or dodgy charges.

You have nothing to lose. You set your reserve!

As a dealership, we can offer buyers added protection through statutory warranties, accept trade-ins, offer great finance packages, provide extended warranties and more.

This is why we are much more successful at selling motorcycles than private sellers.

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Sample photos from our in-house photographer:

We take a full set of crisp, clear photos designed to present your bike at its best. If your bike needs a little love, we will detail and can even perform servicing and/or repair work before sale.

Our detailed photos cover all aspects and features of your bike to highlight it’s appeal and to reduce time-wasting questions and ensure a quick sale. Buyers often complement our photos and they have already fallen in love with your bike when they inquire!

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