Updated 2021 Honda Forza 350 for Perth

2021 Honda Forza NSS350A

Updated 2021 Honda Forza 350 for Perth

Model updates: Increased cubic capacity for Honda’s mid-size sporty/GT sit-in scooter brings with it faster top speed and improved acceleration. The ‘enhanced Smart Power+’ (eSP+) engine is also now EURO5 compliant. Cosmetic updates add to the premium appeal and improve aerodynamics. The electric screen features an extra 40mm travel and a USB charger adds further convenience. As an option, the Forza 350 can wirelessly connect its rider to various smartphone functions via the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system.

Honda Forza 350 NSS350A 2021 Perth Western AustraliaHistory of the Honda Forza

The Forza name has long been a powerful force in Honda’s two-wheeled line-up. Its history as a premium, mid-size scooter goes back to the year 2000: the first model set the template, delivering a lively ride, plenty of storage room and an innovative combined braking system. It was well received throughout Europe, where owners found its multi-role capability useful in every aspect of daily life.

While retaining its trademark mix of sporty and GT character, the Forza 300 has constantly evolved, aiming to exceed owners’ expectations with every upgrade. In 2004 it gained Honda’s S MATIC electronically controlled CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), a theft-deterring Smart key, highly efficient PGM-FI fuel injection for the engine and space for two full-face helmets under the seat.

2005 saw the addition of ABS brakes and, in 2008, luxurious touches like an audio package and speakers plus upgraded S MATIC (with phased auto shift mode) and Combined ABS brakes were added. In 2016 it moved on again, as the Forza 300 with a new ‘sit-in’ design large enough to carry two people in total comfort, even at highways speeds.

Honda Forza 350 NSS350A 2021 Perth Western Australia

2018 marked the unveiling of a radically revised Forza 300 – lighter, smaller, sharper and sportier – following in the hugely successful wheel tracks of its little sibling, the Forza 125, while retaining all the best attributes of its ‘GT’ nature. A ‘Limited-Edition’ model with Grey/Gloss Black colour scheme and matching Smart top box added an exclusive choice in 2020.

Now, for 2021, it’s time for another advance. The Forza 350 is faster, even more useful and, of course, stylishly desirable with it.

A 50cc increase injects 16% more peak power, at 21.5kW but the Forza 350’s engine is significantly stronger all the way through the rev-range, delivering faster acceleration and a top speed raised just over 6%, to 137km/h. It’s also EURO5 compliant.

Honda Forza 350 NSS350A 2021 Perth Western Australia

Cosmetic and aerodynamic updates have been applied to the front fairing sides, mirrors, rear side panels and engine cover for a sleeker overall look with even more premium appeal; the chassis itself is unchanged but now connects to a lighter swingarm, and the electric screen adjusts with an extra 40mm travel to improve wind protection.

The instrument panel has also been refreshed, and the Forza 350 rider now has the possibility of linking to their smartphone via Bluetooth with the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system which is available as an option from new. A USB socket replaces the ACC charger.

The 2021 Forza 350 will be available in the following colour options:

Matt Gunpowder Metallic

Pearl Horizon White

Check out the pricing and more info here: Honda Forza 350 NSS350A


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