The Honda Difference – Generators

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The Honda Difference – Generators

With the onslaught of cheap and cheerful camping and caravanning generators’ on the market today it is more important than ever to do your research before you take the plunge and learn about The Honda Difference – Generators.


Most generator salesmen quote maximum power ratings which simply cannot be achieved by the machines they spruke, with claims of 5 kva of power from machines rated at no more than 3500 watts constant power by their manufacturer’s . (As a side note a power factor of 0.8 is commonly used as most people just don’t understand the limitations this poses to the application that the generator will be used for)

Honda generators and Honda people are different!!! A POWER FACTOR OF 1 IS USED ACROSS THE RANGE OF HONDA’S MACHINE’S. The ratings we quote are demonstrable throughout the range with constant power and maximum ratings. So you can be sure the machine you buy will do the job you bought it for (especially for food and coffee vans).


Worst case scenario for a caravan or camper is you won’t be able run what you want when you need it, or a burned out gennerator as it has been driven over its MAX power for too long and has no or next to no internal heat protection and has simply destroyed itself.
For vendors its time off the road for the business, lost wages for employees, and no money coming in to fix the problem.

With a class leading 4 year factory backed warranty you can rest assured that you will be covered should something go wrong. And, with Honda’s huge dealer servicing network, you are never far from an authorised service agent no matter where the road takes you!

And last but not least weather you spend $100 $1000 or $10,000 on your next gen set you will want value for your hard earned money and although $995 sounds cheaper than $2000 if you have to replace the $995 machine 4 or 5 times to get the same longevity as you would get from a Honda then how much have you really saved?

Neil Fitz
The Honda Shop Power Equipment


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The Honda Difference – Generators