Selecting the Right Generator for your Food Truck

Food Truck generator

Selecting the Right Generator for your Food Van

Over the past few years there has been an exponential increase in the number and variety of mobile food vendors. Relatively low start-up and running costs combined with high potential earnings makes food trucks a seriously attractive option for those looking for the freedom of a self-managed business.

If you are looking to set up a new food, ice cream or coffee van then it is critical to get the right advice as early in the process as possible. Buying a new generator, or just upgrading your noisy old rattler,  is a big financial decision and making the wrong choice can be an absolute nightmare!

Luckily, the Honda Shop Midland Power Equipment Team has years of experience in making sure customers get the right advice and the best price to make sure their generators work hard and generate a solid Return On Investment (ROI) for years to come.

Check out our food truck generator buying guide for all the key factors to consider before you buy.

  1. Local support – Every hour of downtime for servicing and repairs for a food vendor is lost income. Local support is essential and buying your generator from The Honda Shop ensures your servicing is completed as our top priority. We are Australia’s largest Honda Power Equipment supplier with more than 38 years experience serving the WA community.
    • Warranty – Honda Generators come with an industry leading warranty with 4 years cover for Domestic use and 1 year for Commercial. We stand by everything we sell and Honda is the standard by which all other generators are measured.
    • Parts and Servicing – With a fully stocked parts division, including online parts catalogue and online service booking system, we have everything you need to keep your generator in top condition and to plan your most convenient servicing time. Honda backs every product with a minimum of 10 year supply of Honda Genuine parts for added piece of mind.
  2. Noise!!! – “Sorry? What was that?” “Can you please repeat your order?”… Sound familiar? There is nothing more frustrating than trying to yell at your customers over the top of a noisy and rattly generator. Honda offers a line-up of deluxe, super silent generators that are whisper quiet and really need to be heard in person to believe just how quite these units are, particularly if your current generator is busy giving you industrial deafness!
  3. Power Output – There is absolutely no point saving a bit of cash on a slightly smaller generator if that means you can’t run all the appliances you need to operate your business effectively. You will be cursing the day if you find yourself having to switch appliances on and off and restart a stalled generator due to insufficient power supply. The Honda Shop has years of hands-on experience ensuring the correct generator is selected for your application. Trust the experience, beware of the “experts”.
    • Attention for Ice Cream Machine Owners!!! – Modern Ice Cream Machines are very complex and often utilise two-stage compressors which do not play nice with Inverter Generators. This means the only option is usually for a traditional, non-inverter style generator otherwise you are heading for a world of pain and frustration. Please contact us for accurate assessment of your individual requirements.
  4. Cost Vs. Price – As the old adage goes “quality doesn’t cost, it pays!” and this is particularly accurate when it comes to selecting a generator for your business. It can be very puzzling to see some generators at crazy low prices for their advertised power when compared to the equivalent rated Honda generator but there is a very real cost behind the purchase price. As mentioned in item #1, all downtime is lost income and putting your faith in a cheapy may leave you with a bigger financial headache in the long run and you might wind up needing to buy a Honda anyway. Unfortunately, we see it all the time!Go Getta Finance
    • Finance Options – The Honda Shop in Midland is fully equipped with in-house finance facilities from a variety of leading lenders including
      GoGetta which offers a rental option which is highly tax effective. We also offer Honda Finance, BOQ, and more can all be approached with no obligation quotes from our in-house finance broker, WA Loan Company. You can even apply online here.
  5. Size and Weight – If you are setting up a new van/trailer then make sure you contact us at the early stages to make sure you have sufficient Honda EU70 GeneratorHonda EU30 Generatorspace and load capacity to carry your required generator. While size and weight is a big consideration in planning your layout it is always secondary to power requirements. Again, there is absolutely no point buying a smaller generator just because you want to squeeze it into a particular space if it is not going to meet your power needs.


What we need to know so we can help you most accurately:

  • Power Requirements: We will nee to know what the power requirements are for each of the appliances you wish to run. This is essential, otherwise you will end up with a frustrating power shortfall or you will spend more than you need and may even damage your generator if it is run below minimum recommended power loads for long periods.
  • Space Requirements: Can your intended location support the dimensions of the generator? If you know the measurements then that will help us guide your decision. If you are still in the planning and construction phase then even better. We can provide dimensions and mounting information to your builder for accurate fitting.
  • Budget: Your desired budget may help determine which model we recommend. Super silent inverter units are amazing but can be expensive when compared to the slightly louder Digital AVR units. As mentioned, The Honda Shop in Midland is fully equipped with in-house finance facilities from a variety of leading lenders.

Now you are all up to speed on the ins and outs of buying a new generator contact us or come down and meet the team at The Honda Shop Midland for the right advice at the best possible price. You will kick yourself if you don’t!


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