Quad Bike Petition

What woud you do without your ATV Quad Bike Petition

Quad Bike Petition

We need your support, please sign the Quad Bike Petition – New Laws recently passed mean that Quad Bikes will not longer be sold in Australia

Unfortunately, the government has ignored the evidence provided by the manufacturers and has moved to force all new quad bike vehicles sold in Australia to be fitted with unproven and potentially more unsafe roll over devices.

This means Honda, and all other major manufacturers, will be forced to stop selling ATV’s to Australian farmers from 21/10/2021

Polaris, Yamaha, Can-Am and Kawasaki are also leaving the Australian market, some even sooner than Honda. Please contact other manufacturers directly for more information on their respective withdrawal dates.


Sign the Petition to let the Government know you disagree with the new Legislation and how it will affect you.

Sign the petition here

Learn more about the changes and info on the impacts including why manufacturers will pull out of Australia and how it might impact you even if you do not use quad bikes directly yourself.

Visit our Info page here

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