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Megajet 4 in 1 Work Station


Megajet 4 in 1 Work Station


14cfm (cubic feet per minute)


AC Welding Plants, Dual Range, 60 to 200 Amps, Variable Control. Smooth, Easy Stike Arc, Enough power to run 4mm Electrodes. Electrical windings are Thermally Protected. Simple Quick Connectors are Supplied for Welding Power Leads

High Quality Air pumps, Cast Iron Bore, Long life valves and seals. Air volumes up to 30 CFM and 175 PSI. Air storage to 90 litres. All units supplied with pressure regulator, Water trap and liquid filled pressure gauge, Suitable for air tools, Painting etc.


Brushless alternator at 240Volt and 50 HZ, up to 8kVA capacity. Two power Outlets, L.E.D Voltmeter. Winding Thermally Protected with H class Insulation, IP21 Protection and Low Harmonic Distortion. Suitable all Applications for general use.


D.C. Battery Charge Units are incorporated in all Workstations. Charging Capacity at 12 volts and 10 Amps. Thermal Reset. Suitable for Fast Charge of Flat batteries in emergencies etc. Unit is supplied with charge leads and terminal clamps.


Take note of the physical size of MEGAJET WORKSTATION ……

The intergration makes it Better……the build quality makes it better value !!

Megajet Workstations are supplied with weather proof covers as standard.

Electric start units are supplied with mounted battery, ready to work.

Megajet 4 in 1 Work Station


Dont miss this! The top of the line Mega Jet workstation at such a fantastic low price. This model comes complete with air compressor and welding kits.

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