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Submersible Pump LSC1-4S


The Tsurumi Submersible Pump LSC1-4S


  • 1⁄16 inch pump down capability
  • Top discharge, flow-thru design enables operation at low water levels for extended periods
  • Available with Oil Smart sensing system
  • Semi-open, Ductile Iron impeller with replaceable adjustable wearplate and built in check valve allows for residual water removal down to 3/64 of an inch
  • Built-in check valve to keep the pump primed
  • Built in thermal & amperage sensing, protector prevents motor failure due to overloading or run dry situations
  • Double Inside Mechanical Seal with SIC faces provides the longest operational life
  • Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces
  • V-Ring Seal Protector protects mechanical seal from abrasive particles
Horsepower Class (hp)


Outlet Size (mm)


Maximum Total Head (m)


Maximum Pumping Capacity (l/min)




Submersible Pump LSC1-4S


The Tsurumi submersible pump LSC1-4S is designed to work in “pitless” pump down scenarios. The ideal scenario for its use would be for the complete drainage of flat surfaces such as roadway underpasses, basements, pools and spas, rooftops, service utility pits, and more.

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