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Pressure Cleaner PX15SD-iGX390/4W SMART DRIVE 4000PSI

$5,395.00 $4,999.00


Pumps Australia’s Honda Petrol Powered, Cold Water, High Pressure Cleaner PX15SD iGX390

The New Pressure Cleaner PX15SD-GX390 comes packed with features. This New & Improved Throttle controlled 13hp Genuine HONDA Petrol Engine runs an Italian Manufactured pressure pump to deliver only the best in performance. Built with a Gearbox between Engine and Pump, this allows the pump to work slower and last longer. Normally for Long periods of Arduous use, this is an ideal solution for the Contractor who needs the machine to be continuous all day use.

Complete with a 4 wheeled robust & solid Galvanised buggy with “Never Flat Tyres” this Pressure cleaner can Pump out 15.Ltrs/minute at 4000psi giving you a huge flow and pressure. The Italian Pump comes complete with Brass Head, Ceramic Pistons, Stainless Steel Seated valves, stainless steel pressure gauge and a solid Banjo Style Regulating unloader to help adjust pressure as needs be for the job.

The PX15-280 SD iGX390 is driven by a HONDA petrol engine which comes complete with the finest in qualities of ignition system,spark plugs, bearings and a low oil engine shut down with a 3 year warranty. The New IGX HONDA has a throttle control that can sense when load is being applied to operate your machine and not being used to idle your machine. This allows your pump to work slower and to also slow your engine down if it is not in operation. Allowing you save Fuel and extend Pump & Engine life this really is a worth while investment.

The pump also has a temperature protection system “PRO-TEC SHUTDOWN” in the head of the pump to earth the engine to turn off if the water in the head of the pump is to get to hot. this safety feature helps you to protect the pump for longer life and use.

The Machine comes complete with 10mtrs of wire braided hydraulic hose, professional high pressure gun, high quality lance with nozzles and detergent injection to pre-soap your dirty equipment.

This pressure cleaner is perfect for Farms,Workshops,Industrial Applications,Marine,Contractors,Shires,Building Contractors, Mining and Truck Depo’s and Government Operations.


Hydraulic hose
High pressure gun
High pressure lance
High pressure nozzles
Pressure gauge


  • 5″ – 10″ filters
  • Turbo nozzles
  • Varijet, 4 positions
  • Inlet water filters
  • Sand blasting nozzle
  • Abrasive grit and sand
  • Foam gun attachments
  • Screw on couplings
  • Drain cleaners
  • HP hose, various lengths
  • Engine degreaser
  • Lances, various
  • Rotary floor cleaners
  • Foaming systems, bacteria-free
  • Hose reels
Engine Model

Honda iGX390

Max pressure (psi)


Maximum Pumping Capacity (l/min)


Horsepower Class (hp)


Fuel Type


Pump Head Material


Pump RPM


Starter Type

Electric Start

Piston material




Pressure Cleaner PX15SD-iGX390/4W SMART DRIVE 4000PSI

$5,395.00 $4,999.00

NEW! Smartdrive technology

The new patented Smartdrive technology is exclusive to Pumps Australia. Using the new Honda IGX Series of engines, this machine senses when you’re not using your machine and disengages the pump. Saving you wear and tear!