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Black Night Global Tracking System


Black Knight Vehicle Tracking Z3
Black Knight Vehicle Tracking Z3 Unit

Black Night Global Tracking System

Black Night Global Tracking Systems flagship utility device, the Z3 is a high-performance GPS/3GSM tracker designed to be hidden in almost any vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle, caravan, trailer, machinery, boat, power sports and more. Simply wire to your power source (12V-30V), secure it covertly and start tracking.

Track in real time from your phone (with the Black Knight® app), receive alerts if it moves or becomes disconnected, and playback up to 12 months of travel history. With the Z3, you’re always in control.


  • 15-sec position updates (GPS/3GSM)
    (coverage varies depending on location) 
  • 12 months travel history playback
  • Simple installation to battery terminal (12-30V) via dual-pin hardwire cable
  • 38g, 69 x 35 x 12mm


  • Geofence/power disconnect/speed limit
  • Notifications sent to phone & email
  • Full police support for rapid theft recovery
  • Professional data management tools
  • Custom business fleet solutions 


  • Free Black Knight® app (iOS/Android)
  • Track via phone, tablet or web




A tiny tracking device (about the size of a box of matches) is inserted into your car, truck, motorcycle, caravan or asset. It receives your satellite position then uses cellular networks to update where you are on the map. The Black Night Global Tracking System phone app shows your realtime movement, travel history, and alerts you if your tracker moves or loses power.


If you’re not fussed about getting your assets and possessions back, perhaps not. But at Black Knight® our customers tend to have a soul-deep connection to their investment and would do anything to retrieve it if the unthinkable happens. Black Knight offers the peace of mind of always knowing where it is, plus knowing you can get it back.


IAG engineers have independently and exhaustively tested Black Knight devices. They’re safe to install and passive, meaning they don’t interrogate or interfere with your vehicle’s computer system. Black Knight’s software is password-protected and SSL-encrypted, meaning you and only you hold the keys to your account. You can share your journey with friends or family, or request police assistance for theft recovery, but no-one can see your activity unless you share your login details with them.


Black Night Global Tracking System

$599.00Ride Away

Welcome to the Black knight Tracking Revolution! Black Knight Global Tracking Systems is the smallest and simplest way to protect your investment.

Price includes the unit, installation and the first 12 months protection. Then $12 per month thereafter.