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Stationary Engine GXH50


Stationary Engine GXH50


For its size, the Stationary Engine GXH50 is surprisingly adaptable, and can be used to power a range of different products.

Agricultural equipment and Construction & Industrial Equipment are just some of the products that get their power from the GXH50.

And the fact that one of Honda’s own Water Pumps is powered by the GXH50 is a testament to the durability and reliance that can be placed on this little upstart.


The GXH50 uses a precision camshaft to form part of Honda’s world-famous OHV design for increased efficiency and optimal power transfer.

It features a High compression ratio for better fuel efficiency than comparable engines, so the GXH50 will end up lighter on your pocket in the long run.

With a large fuel tank, oil alert, easily accessible spark plug, and high quality materials, fit and finish, it’s a proven performer.


The GXH50 incorporates a Ball Bearing-supported crankshaft for greater stability, and its precision engineered components result in low vibration levels.

A large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system and sophisticated air intake system equate to exceptionally quiet operation.

And a forged steel crankshaft and rigid crankcase, and the light weight, noise-reducing materials that are used throughout, reduce mechanical noise for easy use.


All Mini 4-Stroke Engines are covered by Honda’s 3 Year Warranty.

But with a heavy duty recoil starter and automatic mechanical de-compression system, the offer of a spark arrester (optional), and genuine Honda parts throughout, the chances of the GXH50 letting you down are pretty slim. Pretty slim indeed.


* The power rating of the engine indicated in this document is the net power output tested on a production engine for the engine model and measured in accordance with SAE J1349 at 3600 rpm. Mass production engines may vary from this value.

Actual power output for the engine installed in the final machine will vary depending on numerous factors, including the operating speed of the engine in application, environmental conditions, maintenance and other variables.

Engine Type

4-stroke, overhead valve, single-cylinder

Bore x Stroke (mm)

41.8 x 36

Displacement (cc)


Compression Ratio


Starter Type

Recoil / Pull Start


Transistorized magneto

Horsepower Class (hp)


Net Power (kw)

1.6 (2.1HP) at 7000 rpm

Max Torque (Nm)

2.7 at 4500 rpm

Gearbox Reduction and Clutch


Shaft Vertical / Horizontal


Fuel Type


Fuel Tank Capacity (Ltrs)


Fuel Consumption (L/Hour)

0.91 at 7000 rpm

Oil Capacity (Ltr)


Oil Alert System

No, Yes

Dimensions LxWxH (mm)

225 x 276 x 353

Dry Weight (kg)


Charge Coil (Amps)

Less than 1


Agricultural Equipment, Construction / Industrial Equipment, Water Pumps

Stationary Engine GXH50


Professionals rely on the GXH50 to deliver reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance, day in and day out.

NOTE: Model QEB4 has an extension pipe on the muffler and no oil alert.

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