New 2021 Honda Monkey for Australia

Honda Monkey 2021 Perth

New 2021 Honda Monkey for Australia

The Honda Shop in Midland is very excited to confirm the imminent arrival of the latest updated Honda Monkey to the Australia market.

There is one big catch though. It will only be available till November 2021 due to new ABS requirements as mentioned on the website previously.

As the new Monkey only has front wheel ABS, it will no longer be possible for Honda Australia to sell them in the Aussie market after November.

That means if you want a Honda Monkey you need to act FAST! We have been allocated a certain number of bikes until the cutoff date and once they are gone, they are gone!

The new 2021 edition features a new 124cc engine and a long awaited and much requested 5-speed gearbox!

At just $6750 ride away including 6 months rego, the Monkey is great value and will end up being highly collectable given the very limited numbers available.

Check out more info on the new Monkey here


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