Honda Grom Returning to Aussie Markets?

Grom Back in Australia

Honda Grom Returning to Aussie Markets?

Cross your fingers and toes, but if initial reports are correct, the 2023 Honda Grom just announced in the US looks to include both front AND rear wheel ABS.

This is very exciting news as the lack of ABS on the rear wheel was the only reason for losing the Grom down under along with several other small capacity bikes.

Only complicating factor is this is an “IMU” controlled system and not a true “Dual channel” system. Time will tell if this is sufficient to satisfy the ADR’s

Honda Grom ABSSome genius bureaucrat who has clearly never ridden a small bike decided that all new bikes need both front and rear wheel ABS. Anyone who has ridden a Grom will tell you that they are so light and easy to ride that a lack of ABS on the rear is a non-issue. You can read more about those legislation changes here.

Nothing official as yet from Honda Australia, but as mentioned, if the ABS system does come through on both wheels and is a suitable system then the new model should be eligible and we will hopefully see the Grom, Monkey, ADV150, PCX150 and maybe even an updated Dax return to Aussie Markets.

Stay tuned for more details.