Honda CB1000R Discontinued for Aussie Market

Honda CB1000R Discontinued

Honda CB1000R Discontinued for Aussie Market

So while we were patiently hoping Honda Australia would bring out the epic new 22YM “Black” Edition of the CB1000R to our shores they have instead dropped the model from the market down under entirely!

The new model had a stack of tasty updates and improvements including the stunning new wheel designs which look very “spoke” like.  In other markets, the CB1000R is available in the standard configuration as well as the uber cool “Black Edition” featuring blacked out everything for a sleek, menacing look.

Honda CB1000R Black Edition Discontinued Honda CB1000R Black Edition Discontinued

Unfortunately, according to Honda Australia it is not viable to bring the CB1000R over anymore. This is very disappointing given the new Fireblade retails at $54,990 which is way out of reach of most Honda fans meaning we are left with no practically accessible litre class sports or naked bike whatsoever.

Would you be interested in the new model? I know I would be!

Let Honda Australia know they have made a mistake here:


Honda CB1000R Discontinued Honda CB1000R Discontinued

Honda CB1000R 2022 Discontinued for Australia


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