Honda 50th Anniversary Edition Z50 Confirmed but None for Oz

Honda 50th Anniversary Z50

Honda Japan recently announced that the legendary Z50,  aka the Monkey bike, will be ceasing production this year with one final Special Edition send-off. Bad news is that only 1,800 will be made and none will be leaving Japan so you’ll have to import it yourself if you want one.


Z50 Sad Cat


The 50th anniversary Monkey is powered by a four-speed fuel-injected 49cc air-cooled motor that pumping out 3.3hp and 2.5ftlb of torque, luckily it only weighs 68kg and stands at just 850mm.

It comes in Magna Red, with Shasta White highlights, along with a 3D emblem on the tank and a 50th anniversary logo on the seat and key.

The Honda monkey will cost 352,080¥, or $4235

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