Honda 500cc LAMS Model Updates for 2021

Honda 500cc LAMS Lineup 2021 Australia

Honda 500cc LAMS Model Updates for 2021

  • Honda’s 500cc trio, the CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X are revealed by Honda Europe with new colour schemes in 2021
  • Customer demographics illustrate their wide range of appeal across three worlds within Honda’s line-up – race, roadster and adventure

Honda’s CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X trio, hugely popular with new and experienced riders alike, have been revealed by Honda Europe in exciting new colour and graphic schemes, with EURO5 homologation, in 2021.

Honda CB500F 2021 YellowWhile final colours for the Australian market are yet to be confirmed, recently released images show the naked CB500F in two new vibrant colours: Candy Caribbean Blue Sea and Candy Moon Glow Yellow, while the sporty CBR500R benefits from striking new graphics and logos highlighting its racetrack heritage. The CB500X adventure machine will come equipped with a red rear sub-frame, in tribute to the CRF1100L Africa Twin.

Honda’s research of a representative sample of customers shows the breadth of appeal of the three machines across different rider demographics. Figures show that 46% of CB500F and 29% of CBR500R owners are new riders, with 30% and 35% respectively under the age of 24, illustrating how instrumental they have been in bringing new young riders to the world of two wheels. Conversely, 90% of CB500X riders are already in the market – showing the all-round strength of appeal offered by the compact adventurer with its rugged styling, long travel suspension, upright riding position and 19” front wheel.

Honda CB500XA 2021

All three fun, frugal machines still produce excellent power with no restrictors or limiters from their punchy 500cc engine. They offer excellent power to weight in the LAMS category. They are now also homologated for EURO5, which from January 1st, 2020 introduced significantly stricter engine emissions standards compared to EURO4. These requirements include substantial reductions in permitted carbon monoxide emissions, an over 40% decrease in total hydrocarbon emissions, tougher misfire detection and the introduction of a particulate matter limit.

While their compact dimensions and welcoming manners make Honda’s 500cc trio easy machines to manage, ride and learn on, those same attributes also make them a genuine pleasure for those – whether stepping up from a 125, coming down from a bigger machine or returning to the market – who want to explore just what they can do at the weekend, whatever the type of ride they choose.

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Honda 2021 CB500F Colours


Honda CBR500R 2021, Honda CB500F 2021, Honda CB500X 2021, Perth, Western Australia

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