EICMA 2018 In Detail

EICMA 2018 In Detail

EICMA 2018 In Detail

Now the dust has settled following the biggest European Motorcycling Industry Showcase we can take a closer look at some of the Honda concept and pre-production models to see where their designers are heading and what we can expect for the Australian market in 2019, read on to discover EICMA 2018 in detail.


Honda had a couple of concepts that really captured peoples attention and stood out as being different from the norm. Futuristic styling pared with cutting edge technology hints at an exciting future for Honda. The small capacity engines were the only possible disappointing aspect but they both  certainly look like a heap of fun to throw around, just make mine a 450cc!

Honda CB125 X – Concept

EICMA 2018 In Detail CB125M Concept

The first Honda design concept unveiled at EICMA 2018 was the Honda CB125 X with its modern adventure x enduro style lines and dash configuration.

The dash deserves particular attention as its slim form and high contrast screen does hint at Honda’s 2019 direction for digital displays. The new models offer feature-rich displays in a sleek and streamlined form.

The interesting thing will be seeing which of the design elements make their way into the future production models over the next few years.



EICMA 2018 In Detail CB125M Concept

Honda CB125 M – Concept

The second bike we are looking at for our EICMA 2018 In Detail article is the Honda CB125 M which has been designed with the motard style at its heart.

EICMA 2018 In Detail CB125M Concept

A set of slicks lets riders know the intentions of this little pocket rocket from the get go and the display bike was paired with a SC performance exhaust.

We particularly love the sleek tail section with incorporated seat and the aggressive lines.

This bike would be a stack of fun to fang around a tight, technical track but the Honda Shop team still can’t help thinking a 250cc or 450cc based bike with the same compact design would be even more exciting! Here’s hoping Honda hear our suggestions.

Detail Shots:

EICMA 2018 In Detail CB125M ConceptEICMA 2018 In Detail CB125M ConceptEICMA 2018 In Detail CB125M Concept



As well as the concept bikes, Honda had several updates for existing models. The new design direction was apparent across the new range with sharper lines, improved tech features and cleaner styling for 2019.

Here is an overview of the changes for 2019 models:

Honda CBR1000RR

Honda’s flagship super bike has been turning heads since its launch and for good reason! Packing a serious punch, big weight drop and wrapped up in a sleek and slim frame gave the blade a much needed performance boost while the addition of a fully customisable electronics package made it a real contender in the Super Sports arena.

The 2019 model sees minor refinements and a colour update. The Rest of the package has been carried over from the major late-2017 update. Check out all the specs here: Honda CBR1000RR

The Honda Shop team can also highly recommend the optional Quick Shifter Kit as it transforms the riding experience and makes the Blade a serious weapon and a hoot to ride!


Honda CBR650F and CB650F

Honda’s 650 range including the CBR650F and CB650F, has been very popular since it’s launch in 2014 and now, as the biggest LAMS legal bike in the line-up, has a raft of minor updates which add up to a big improvement for 2019

Sharper styling and a redesigned dash layout with gear indicator, adjustable USD front suspension, LED lighting and more make there way into the 2019 lineup.

EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR650REICMA 2018 In Detail CBR650R EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR650R

EICMA 2018 In Detail CB650R

Honda CB650R

Joining Honda’s 650 range for 2019 is the all new CB650R which sits under the N.S.C (Neo Sports Cafe) design concept introduced by Honda in 2018 with the CB1000R and CB300R.

The CB650R continues the theme with future cafe racer styling and sporty performance from the 650cc in-line 4 motor. The round LED headlight harks back to the Honda CB’s of old while adding a modern high-tech twist. Final specs for an Australian release are yet to be confirmed but keep an eye out on The Honda Shop Newsletter for all the latest info.

EICMA 2018 In Detail CB650R EICMA 2018 In Detail CB650R



EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500R

Honda CBR500R

Honda’s biggest selling LAMS bike has been going from strength to strength thanks to rock solid reliability, spirited performance and great looks.

For 2019 the CBR500R has been freshened up with new colours, LED lighting, revised dash with gear position indicator and more! We are really looking forward to checking out all the updates in the flesh, ETA is early-mid 2019 for an Australian release. Final spec for Australian markets yet to be confirmed but again, keep an eye out on The Honda Shop Newsletter for all the latest info.

EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500R EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500R

EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500R EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500R


Honda CB500XEICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500R

The adventure orientated Honda CB500X has also had a facelift and tuck for 2019 with new colours and a host of nice additions including the welcome addition of a gear position indicator which is super helpful for first-time riders.

LED lighting, revised bodywork and new colours make the 2019 Honda CB500X an even more attractive package for those looking to explore and get out off the beaten path. Simply add a set of more dirt oriented tyres and you are all set for adventure on and off the road.

EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500R EICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500REICMA 2018 In Detail CBR500R


EICMA 2018 In Detail

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