All New Honda C110X!

Honda C110X Postie Bike

Honda C110X

All new Honda C110X has arrived!

The Honda Shop in Midland is the exclusive agent for the C110X and we assemble and supply all the vehicles to Australia Post in Perth, Western Australia.Honda-C110X-Postie_15

Please Note: The C110X is exclusively available to Postal Contractors holding a current Australia Post contract. These vehicles cannot be purchased by the general public as new vehicles. They do however become available upon reaching 30,000kms via auction through a Perth-based auction house.

Australia Post Tender Process

Looking to setup a post/leaflet delivery business? We can assist you with your tender process by providing quotations for vehicles and we can also provide business finance for all your needs.

We also offer quick and easy servicing with fast turn-around for minimal downtime. To make a booking please call: 08 9274 3555 or book online 24/7: Online Booking Form

Check out all the info and current pricing of the Honda C110X here


Honda C110X Postie Bike

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