12 Months Registration Included on all New Bikes!


12 Months Registration Included on all New Bikes!

With the Department of Transports rising registration costs in Western Australia many Perth motorcycle dealers have started to reduce the amount of registration they are providing with their new on-road motorcycles. There are even some Perth dealers not including all charges including ORC (On-Road Costs) in their online pricing which is not only misleading and confusing, it is actually illegal.

The Honda Shop in Midland has always and will continue to provide a full 12 months registration on all new bikes sold and all prices listed online include ALL on-road costs! 


This can add up to a big price difference with the higher rego costs and including 12 months registration saves you money in the long run.

So, when you are comparing prices on new Honda motorcycles in Perth, make sure you are comparing the same features and you are getting shown the true “Ride Away” price otherwise you might be getting a nasty rego bill surprise in 6 months time!

View our awesome range of New Honda Motorcycles, all with 12 months rego included, online: hondashop.com.au/newbikes

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